Daddy Cool Gifts for Father’s Day

Posted On June 12, 2020

Daddy Cool Gifts for Father’s Day

Help Your Dad Stand Out From The Crowd

If you’ve found yourself reading this, you’re likely facing the age-old problem of what gift to get Dad. We know – it can be extremely hard to find the right gift. Because dads are the best! They are the unsung heros, the outdoor grillers, the tire fixers, the bedtime story readers, and the bear huggers. Dads do their best to provide and love us, and we know how important it is to get them something special to show them how much you appreciate what they do.

But, dads are also tricky. They have their hobbies and favorite sports teams, but maybe they’re particular about what they like, or maybe if they really want something, they’ve already bought it for themselves. They often have drawers overflowing with socks and t-shirts, closets full of ties, and sheds full of tools and sports gear.

What Gift Can You Get Dad That He Doesn’t Already Have?

You need something special (because YOUR dad is the best one, after all). Something that speaks to his hobbies. Something that he can use daily, that won’t just collect dust on his dresser. Something that will encourage him to think of you and how well you know and love him – because that’s the point, right? We love our dads, and we want them to know it! 

At Piacciono, you can buy lapel pins that are as unique and cool as your awesome dad. With lots of variations available, not only can you find one that will suit your dad (pun intended), but you’ll have a great gift option for any special occasion to come. You can help him build a collection of trendy pins for his lapels that are ice breakers, deal closers, and little reminders of how much you love him. 

Which Pins Will Your Dad Love?

In short, all of them! But, let’s narrow it down. Most of the pins in Piacciono’s line are geared towards a particular hobby or interest. So, what does your dad enjoy?

What is he like? 

We have a Father’s Day special for the golf lover. A birdie pin and golfer hat to help them stand out from the golfing crowd.

Can he bench press you to high heaven? This weight lifting pin will make him pump his overly large biceps with joy. Does he blare music so loudly in the car that you think the whole neighborhood can hear it? These guitar or piano pins will bring out his inner rocker. Maybe your dad is the quiet type, who enjoys low-key hobbies like cards, puzzles. or photography? Maybe he loves James Bond, or outer space, or beating you at chess? Whatever your dad enjoys, there’s a pin for it. He will love it because of its quality, functionality, and design, but most of all, he will love it because it’s from you. 

Get A Gift Your Dad Will Love

You no longer need to stress about what to get your dad, and you don’t have to settle for yet another pair of socks, or coffee mug, or (cringe) gag gift. Whether your dad is trendy and modern or old-fashioned and traditional, you can bet he wears a suit, and you can bet these pins will look dang good on it. It may seem simple, but the gift of a lapel pin is more than just the gift of an accessory. It’s the gift of a conversation starter, a talking point, a confidence booster, and most importantly, a reminder that no matter where he is or what he’s doing, he’s got you on his side. Or on his lapel, as it were. 

Helping your dad start a lapel pin collection is a secret gift for you, too – why? Because the next time a special occasion rolls around, you’ll know just what to do. 

Written by Piacciono

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